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Data set: EoL, Lamps | Brass, Substitution benefits not included (01.00.001)

Other versions:   01.01.000
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EoL, Lamps | Brass, Substitution benefits not included; From collection to final destinations; In the context of French WEEE take-back schemes
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Reference flow(s)
Ensure end-of-life management of 1 kg of Brass in Lamps from collection points set up by French take-back schemes responsible for this category of WEEE, to all final destinations reached by this material.
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End-of-life treatment
End-of-life, waste electrical and electronic equipment, recycling, WEEE, disposal, energy recovery, material recovery
Use advice for data set
The users are invited to assess the suitability of the LCI in relation to the aims of their analysis, in particular on the following points: scope covered, possibility of application to product evaluated (as end-of-life management processes vary according to the product), geographical representativeness (processes may have different impacts and performance levels if an end-of-life product is handled in one or more countries with a regulatory framework or technology level different to France), possible allocation rules implemented.
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General comment
This dataset represents the end-of-life of Brass in Lamps managed by the French Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) take-back schemes. It includes all management phases from the collection of WEEE at collection points to all final destinations reached by this material. In terms of the final destinations which consist of material or energy recovery operations, the data include only the environmental burdens.
LCI Method Principle
LCI Method Approaches
  • Allocation - net calorific value
  • Allocation - mass
  • Allocation - element content
Completeness of product model
All relevant flows quantified
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    Data quality indicators
    • Overall quality: Very good
    • Methodological appropriateness and consistency: Very good
    • Precision: Very good
    • Completeness: Good
    • Geographical representativeness: Good
    • Time representativeness: Very good
    • Technological representativeness: Very good
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Free of charge for all users and uses
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Please, read the General Terms of use at
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Technical purpose
Brass is used for the production of Lamps, which include notably: linear fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps
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